2012 Orgo Rkatsiteli


GRAPE: Rkatsiteli APP: Kakheti COUNTRY: Georgia PRICE: $24.99

If it’s possible to drink the f*$! out of a wine, I did just that with the 2012 Orgo: the grape: Rkatsiteli from Kakheti, Republic of Georgia, not the state. I’ve never had a wine from the state of Georgia, I’m sure they’re just lovely. The Orgo Rkatsiteli made in qvevri, it’s full of flavor, so much sapidity, and it’s just impossible to put down. I seriously can’t control myself with this wine. Every sip turned into another sip, that turned into an empty bottle. So rusty and salty. No additives, no filtration, no bad wine. If I were President of the USA we’d be invading countries for their wine, not oil. In fact, that will be my platform when I do run.

2012 Orgo Rkatsiteli

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