Unreleased: 2015 Los Pilares LaDona’s, Sparkling Muscat


GRAPE: Muscat APP: San Diego County COUNTRY: USA PRICE: N/A

An interview with myself.

If a major earthquake struck and fucked up Los Angeles real good, what wine(s) would you want on hand to get you through?

Easy. Anything by Los Pilares.

Which wine in particular?

All of them.

In this case, you can only pick one.

Fuck you!

Seriously, only one. You’ll probably be scrambling to survive and you’re worried about wine?

Look mother fucker, the only thing I ever worry about is running out of wine, proper wine that is.

Ok, but is there one Los Pilares wine that sticks out?

Fuck yeah. The 2015 vintage of Los Pilares LaDona Sparkling Muscat. But any vintage would be suitable. (*2015 to be Released late Spring) What makes that wine so special?

It’s good.

Can you be more specific?

Hmmm, are we almost done here?

Can you be a little more professional about this?

Anything to put an end to the misery that is taking to you. This PetNet sparkles like pop rocks in your mouth, comes with layer and layers of intense aromatics, unique flavors, and it’s multi-textured. When the bottle is about finished I filter out all the floaters (lees) and wipe them onto a slice of toast. Plus, I left an inch in the bottle and 10 days later, wow, what unique and lovely flavors that had evolved.

What are some things that come to mind when drinking LaDona?

LaDona is like listening to a great jazz saxophonist improvising while receiving oral sex.

So if LaDona was a musical composition, which would it most be like?

It would be like every composition by Monk & Bartok performed all at once.

Los Pilares Wine

Winemakers: @MichaelLosPilares & @villamarta77

Made at: VinaVanti Urban Winery

Unreleased: 2015 Los Pilares LaDona’s, Sparkling Muscat

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