Ode to Los Pilares, 2014 LaDona’s


GRAPE: Muscat APP: San Diego County COUNTRY: USA PRICE: $26

7 bottles minus 4 bottles equals 3?! I’m way too generous with my favorite juice 2014 Los Pilares LaDona’s Sparkling Muscat. This wine has gone from a full on fun slamming orgy party wine and now after sometime on its lees is now transformed into a library in a strip club. Brains, beauty, an orgasm on your tongue kind of experience. I’m declaring war on the remaining 2014 inventory. Fingers crossed the 2015 is even better after time in the bottle. My 3 remaining bottles will be used for a nude tasting I’m arranging, message me for details. 

WEB: Los Pilares Wine

Ode to Los Pilares, 2014 LaDona’s

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