Nothing like the taste of stones


GRAPE: Carresquin/Verdejo Negro/Mencia APP: Cangas COUNTRY: Spain AVE PRICE: $45

I remember it clearly. I was bicycling at high speeds through double rock park (Baltimore) when for whatever reason I decided to veer off the trail down a very steep hill toward the stream. When my front tire touched the stones it sunk much faster than the titanic did. I flipped over the handle bars and my face ate stone. Fortunately for the world my beautiful face remains intact for you all to enjoy. I’m not certain I have point in telling you this other than that sometimes when you go down an original path, you might get your ass kicked. This wine is unique and it kicks ass, 2010 Monasterio de Corias is a delicious blend of I believe to be Carresquin (what the f*** is that grape?), Verdejo Negro, & Mencia.

Note: That average price is from Wine Searcher, I didn’t pay close to that price, good luck.

WEB: Monasterio de Corias 

Nothing like the taste of stones

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