2014 Trepat del Jordiet


GRAPE: Trepat APP: Conca de Barberà COUNTRY: Spain AVE PRICE: $25

2014 Rende Masdeu del Jordie from a little spec of not so well known wine region in north-eastern Spain, Conca de Barberà. Fortunately for them I’m getting ready to put them on the map. Ok, look I’m not a complete asshole, well, maybe on occasion I fill the role quite well. This wine bottle has a very attractive label and sexy shape. It indeed caught my eye. When I inquired at my local shop it seems that no one had actually tasted the wine or even seemed a bit familiar with the grape Trepat. I decided to jump in blind which I do often, but it’s a steep dive at $25 without a word from a trusting guide. And for the life of me I still can’t recall if I’ve had a Trepat prior to this. I still can’t. And I’m hoping this isn’t the best it offers. Sometimes, when I don’t like a wine I feel guilty, as if it’s my fault. I’m a sucker for juice that has spent time clay amphorae. But this one fell short of expectations. For a moment it reminded me  bit of a Pelaverga but minus all the goodness. The Trepat was fresh and a bit spicy, but just over all boring. When you start looking around the room wondering why am I drinking this? You know it ain’t for you.

WEB: Rende Masdeu

2014 Trepat del Jordiet

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