Ripe for revolution, 2013 Kerloo Syrah


GRAPE: Syrah APP: Walla Walla Valley COUNTRY: USA AVE PRICE: Sold Out!

Another generous gift from @orshi.kiss but in all honesty this is the one that was making me nervous, y’all know how much I love hot super ripe fruit. But I forced myself to approach this with an open mind and tried very hard not to be a dick, not so easy for me. So here is what I did. I opened the bottle early on and poured some into a glass with a large mouth and slapped a slight chill on it bringing the temp down ever so slightly. I salted and peppered a skirt steak pan seared it medium rare, leaving just enough juicy blood. I poured the wine into a proper glass while the steak rested, I swirled and swirled. With an open mind, I placed my nose into the glass. Peppery, smoky, and some violets, not offensive at all. Good job, Michael. I cut my meat. Slapped it on a plate and sat down. Took a bite of steak, put the glass to my lips and walla! The perfectly seared bitterness of the exterior of the steak, the slightly bloody interior with the beautiful ripeness of the fruit and bloody minerality was a pleasure. I need to stop generalizing about certain styles of wine that I believe I won’t like, I’m most likely missing out on something special like the 2013 @RyanKerloo Les Collines, Syrah from Walla Walla Valley, Washington State.

WEB: Kerloo Cellars

Ripe for revolution, 2013 Kerloo Syrah

One thought on “Ripe for revolution, 2013 Kerloo Syrah

  1. Nice review! Thanks for sharing. We live in Napa Valley and tend to get a bit “local focused” with our drinking. But I just made it up to Walla Walla recently (passing through Oregon wine country) and …wow! World class stuff up there. Check out our wine country blog and follow us if you like what you see:

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