A damn good beer by @sevvies


Being an adult looks stressful. That’s why I decided to toast to all you miserable fucks driving back and forth on Sunset Blvd with this most delicious creation by Ryan Severy @sevvies he is the Director of Liquid Bread @silverlakewine I’m sure you know him and I’m sure he’s poured more wine into your glass than most of you would care to admit. He’s also friendly and not bad looking. Ryan set out to make a white ale brewed with coriander, orange peel, & chamomile. But yeast has another plan and took this in another direction, sour. But not a full on Sour. However, this is more of a partial sour. And as the beer warmed the sour element softened and became much more subtle and I started getting some baked lemon and soft spiciness. I decided to snack. Look, I’m a hungry man. I had salty chips and made heavily limed guacamole. Perfect pairing. And smoked half a Davidoff cigarillo which also worked well. I’m not sure how many bottles Ryan has left but it would be worth it to bother him about it. Someone please back Ryan so he is brewing beer full time soon. I’m thirsty.

A damn good beer by @sevvies

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