the bitter month of march


GRAPE: Nebbiolo APP: Piemonte COUNTRY: Italy AVE PRICE: $40

Mauro Vergano’s Chinato has been the perfect companion for this month of bitterness. Dealing with the death of one of my beloved cats, all the while watching my other cat stumble around, walking in circles depending on the position of her brain tumor, crying out for her missing companion and my hours of cancer research and coming to some sort of decision on my treatment. I’ve about had it with 2017, I thought it would be enough to deal with the horseshit coming out of the nation’s capitol. But while the juice lasted, I was happy to have been able to reach out for this most pleasantly medicinal and bitter digestif. I found it a great opener for the evening or for closure. And paired most lovely with a hit of #weddingcake from @jungleboyz @tlcpropd and a bite of the darkest most bitter chocolate you can lay hand on. What’s in this Chinato? Nebbiolo, China bark, Chinese Rabarbaro and Ginseng, and aromatic herbs & spices (cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, coriander, bay leaf)! Delicious and relieves stress the moment it hurts your mouth.

WEB: Louis Dressner

the bitter month of march

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