Burning Ghosts Live at Blue Whale



  1. “Music made to kill fascist”
  2. “A political speech without words”

Congrats to BURNING GHOSTS who not only shut my mouth wide open @bluewhalemusic last night, but have a new album just released on Tzadik Records. @burningghostsla The band is: @daniel_rosenboom #jakevossler @amacdrums @dick_kittens

I’ve listened to Reclamation a few times today. Loud. Very loud. The album stimulates brain activity. Let us not be confused. Enemies are invented. War is invented. Money flows. This is Reclamation. I don’t mean to simplify complicated world issues. But stick with me. The most unfortunate aspect of violence and oppression is that all so many of us are benefit from it, some directly, some indirectly, and maybe unknowingly. Maybe we need to do more research. Maybe we need to read more books written by some of the architects of global dominance and strategy. Maybe Kissinger. Maybe Brzezinski. These men weren’t right or left. These men have no borders. Their only allegiance is/was to banks and industry.

When we pick up our fancy #iPhone we should be concerned for the barehanded miners (AKA slaves) in the Congo digging for coltan. As it says in @saulwilliams songs says, “coltan is cotton”.

Let’s try something not so serious now. I just paired Reclamation with Martin Luther King Jr., Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence. That ballsy speech was delivered in April 1967. Twelve months later he was dead. Try it. I’m sure you have two devices. Don’t be scientific about it. Just let it roll, you’ll see it make perfect sense all played at once.

In addition, my photo doesn’t do it justice @eron_rauch art which draped the background of the stage deserves further study. A piece that brought to my mind the economics of architecture and the aggressive development being created for the super wealthy. As we watch culture ripped from the fabric of our cities and replaced by brands.

To all my NYC friends you have your chance to have Burning Ghosts hand you your asses on July 10th: @ thestonenyc & July 11th: @alphavillebk I just got word from a friend that people are already lined up waiting The Stone.

I suggest you also check out the albums released on @orendarecords music that matters.

WEB: Tzadik

WEB: Burning Ghosts


Burning Ghosts Live at Blue Whale

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