Le Clou 34


GRAPE: Aligoté REGION: Burgundy COUNTRY: France AVE PRICE: $39

Yeah, I would have guessed this one wrong. Maybe a Chardonnay, maybe Chenin. The grape. 100% Aligoté. Rich. Creamy. Savory. Round. Plush. Creaminess sometimes puts me off. But, not always. But it’s a very good wine and I’m sure a pleasure to consume with anything from a sea shell. Know about sulfites? Personally, I don’t give a rats ass about this subject. But considering the scary anti-sulfite cult roaming the streets, I feel the need to address the issue. I’m at a loss with this one because I was told no sulfites added. The bottle says, contains sulfites. The tech sheet says (Long pressing, in whole grapes, without adding sulfites) then it says, (Light sulphiting at setting). From tech sheet: Total SO: 37 mg / l — SO2: 20 mg / l. I’m left to assume sulfites were added after secondary fermentation. I searched other notes regarding the wine and people keep referring to this wine as unsulfured. Are they talking about a different vintage? I have no idea, I’m asking. Again, this isn’t so important to me, but what is important is communication. I think a whole lot of you are full of shit and have no idea wtf goes on behind closed doors at a winery regardless of what information is divulged. The crew might be vomiting in the barrels for all you know.

WEB: Naudin Ferrand

Instagram: @winemc2 @clairenaudin

UPDATE (comments from instagram)

  • soilexpedition15 wasn’t a very good example of her elegant and beautifully austere juice she usually puts out.
  • winemc2Hi @awordtothewine ..
  • winemc2Claire Naudin does a larger part of her wine “fermented without sulfites”
  • winemc2a dismal amount is added prior bottling no fining or filtration done
  • winemc2and no vomiting in barrel ether 😉
  • trentslattonWell said on the “anti sulfite cult roaming the streets”. A lot of them drink really off tasting, overpriced wine because it’s currently in vogue. I don’t buy that bs. A lot of it taste very amateur. There is a reason that things evolve. The process gets better. Sulfites protect from oxidation. We all know this, hopefully. It lasts longer.
Le Clou 34

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