Lini Lambrusco at Rossoblu

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Beautiful night to sit outside @rossoblula and taste these most delicious Lambrusco by @lini910 Where can I find the 2004 Metodo Classico? I love those meatballs as well! So damn good.

@dobianchi @enoicala Great seeing you both! And a pleasure meeting you @dinasam.

Downtown Los Angeles, you’re growing up so quickly with so much talent and creativity. I hope that one day soon someone much smarter than me and with a much bigger heart finds a solution to help the thousands of people on the streets. Some of us have such great fortune, some of us not so much. And with every sip I drink and every bite of a take somewhere in the back of my mind I can’t stop thinking of all those less fortunate living on the streets. Maybe it’s just guilt, but guilt doesn’t feed or house anyone.

Lini Lambrusco at Rossoblu

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