San Diego County Home Vineyard Blend



Unlabeled bottles of wine are quite attractive, feel a bit dangerous, and taste better. That isn’t scientific, it’s just the way I feel. This bottle was the home vineyard project from the makers of Los Pilares @michaellospilares & @villamarta77 The grapes in this pretty juice were Grenache, Mourvèdre, Counoise, & Syrah. I had forgotten about this bottle. It had been sitting in a cool dark closet and it help up quite nicely. The juice was under a crown cap that wasn’t really on the bottle properly. But for whatever reasons held up wonderfully. Michael & Koleman have embarked on a great project planting a high elevation vineyard in the San Diego mountains. I’m excited about it and hope I’m around in the future to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Thank you both for sharing this lovely bottle of juice.

WEB: Los Pilares

San Diego County Home Vineyard Blend

2014 Humagne Rouge La Mourzière


GRAPE: Humagne REGION: Valais COUNTRY: Switzerland AVE PRICE: $46

I typically love Alpine wines. This an interesting wine. But on this day it wasn’t my favorite. This wine is made from a Swiss grape called Humagne Rouge (Cornalin). The grape is originally from Aosta Valley in Italy but now primarily grown in the Valais region of Switzerland.This particular wine is light in color, earthy, a bit rustic and has a solid structure. You can taste some cherry. You’ll get a touch herbal and peppery notes like in a Syrah, and at moments even reminded me ever so slightly of a well structured Pinot Noir.

WEB: Cave Caloz

2014 Humagne Rouge La Mourzière



GRAPE: Syrah REGION: Saint-Joseph COUNTRY: France AVE PRICE: $30

I was jonesing for a red yesterday after a long streak of mainly white, orange, and sparkling. It cooled down quite a bit last night making this a perfect re-introduction to reds. The Faury smells and taste of a beautiful spicy orgy of pepper, meats, and herbs. Considering how it’s dark and heavy in the glass but hits your mouth quite light. And all you tannin sissies can relax, they’re fine and will treat your mouth gently. It’s delicious. It has definitely put syrah back on my radar.

WEB: Domaine Faury


Le Clou 34


GRAPE: Aligoté REGION: Burgundy COUNTRY: France AVE PRICE: $39

Yeah, I would have guessed this one wrong. Maybe a Chardonnay, maybe Chenin. The grape. 100% Aligoté. Rich. Creamy. Savory. Round. Plush. Creaminess sometimes puts me off. But, not always. But it’s a very good wine and I’m sure a pleasure to consume with anything from a sea shell. Know about sulfites? Personally, I don’t give a rats ass about this subject. But considering the scary anti-sulfite cult roaming the streets, I feel the need to address the issue. I’m at a loss with this one because I was told no sulfites added. The bottle says, contains sulfites. The tech sheet says (Long pressing, in whole grapes, without adding sulfites) then it says, (Light sulphiting at setting). From tech sheet: Total SO: 37 mg / l — SO2: 20 mg / l. I’m left to assume sulfites were added after secondary fermentation. I searched other notes regarding the wine and people keep referring to this wine as unsulfured. Are they talking about a different vintage? I have no idea, I’m asking. Again, this isn’t so important to me, but what is important is communication. I think a whole lot of you are full of shit and have no idea wtf goes on behind closed doors at a winery regardless of what information is divulged. The crew might be vomiting in the barrels for all you know.

WEB: Naudin Ferrand

Instagram: @winemc2 @clairenaudin

UPDATE (comments from instagram)

  • soilexpedition15 wasn’t a very good example of her elegant and beautifully austere juice she usually puts out.
  • winemc2Hi @awordtothewine ..
  • winemc2Claire Naudin does a larger part of her wine “fermented without sulfites”
  • winemc2a dismal amount is added prior bottling no fining or filtration done
  • winemc2and no vomiting in barrel ether 😉
  • trentslattonWell said on the “anti sulfite cult roaming the streets”. A lot of them drink really off tasting, overpriced wine because it’s currently in vogue. I don’t buy that bs. A lot of it taste very amateur. There is a reason that things evolve. The process gets better. Sulfites protect from oxidation. We all know this, hopefully. It lasts longer.
Le Clou 34

Mmmmmm —> Albariño


GRAPE: Albariño REGION: Rías Baixas COUNTRY: Spain AVE PRICE: $45+

I’ve been listening to N.W.A. non-stop for the last 48 hours. Every word out of my mouth is foul. It’s bringing out the Baltimore City in me. I shouldn’t blame the music. I’m like this all the time. Just don’t step up in my face today or I’ll be forced to show you what it’s like. I hadn’t had this wine in a few years. Albariño Cepas Vellas 2015. I’ve missed it. 200 year old vines. Sub-zone: #Salnès Aged on the lees for 11 months. The vineyard is planted on a hillside. It’s sandy/granite. Pretty fucking close to the Ocean. It delicious. Probably be perfect with your oysters.

WEB: DMSelections

Mmmmmm —> Albariño

I love drinking from a Piala!


Drinking the 2007 @kabajwines Amfora from a Piala. I now have a new understanding of these wines. You immediately see the symbiotic relationship between the juice and clay. Glasses on occasion no matter how well cleansed have residual smells from the cleaning agent, etc. Ordering Piala’s right away. @bluedanubewine and I didn’t set my hair on fire this event @tabularasabar!


I love drinking from a Piala!

Burning Ghosts Live at Blue Whale



  1. “Music made to kill fascist”
  2. “A political speech without words”

Congrats to BURNING GHOSTS who not only shut my mouth wide open @bluewhalemusic last night, but have a new album just released on Tzadik Records. @burningghostsla The band is: @daniel_rosenboom #jakevossler @amacdrums @dick_kittens

I’ve listened to Reclamation a few times today. Loud. Very loud. The album stimulates brain activity. Let us not be confused. Enemies are invented. War is invented. Money flows. This is Reclamation. I don’t mean to simplify complicated world issues. But stick with me. The most unfortunate aspect of violence and oppression is that all so many of us are benefit from it, some directly, some indirectly, and maybe unknowingly. Maybe we need to do more research. Maybe we need to read more books written by some of the architects of global dominance and strategy. Maybe Kissinger. Maybe Brzezinski. These men weren’t right or left. These men have no borders. Their only allegiance is/was to banks and industry.

When we pick up our fancy #iPhone we should be concerned for the barehanded miners (AKA slaves) in the Congo digging for coltan. As it says in @saulwilliams songs says, “coltan is cotton”.

Let’s try something not so serious now. I just paired Reclamation with Martin Luther King Jr., Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence. That ballsy speech was delivered in April 1967. Twelve months later he was dead. Try it. I’m sure you have two devices. Don’t be scientific about it. Just let it roll, you’ll see it make perfect sense all played at once.

In addition, my photo doesn’t do it justice @eron_rauch art which draped the background of the stage deserves further study. A piece that brought to my mind the economics of architecture and the aggressive development being created for the super wealthy. As we watch culture ripped from the fabric of our cities and replaced by brands.

To all my NYC friends you have your chance to have Burning Ghosts hand you your asses on July 10th: @ thestonenyc & July 11th: @alphavillebk I just got word from a friend that people are already lined up waiting The Stone.

I suggest you also check out the albums released on @orendarecords music that matters.

WEB: Tzadik

WEB: Burning Ghosts


Burning Ghosts Live at Blue Whale

Foam White for Independence Day


GRAPE: Pinot Gris REGION: Burgenland COUNTRY: Austria AVE PRICE: Ask

The wine: 2015 Meinklang Foam White

Importer: @wearenomadic

It was July 4th, 1989. I was living with 4 other young men in a moldy trailer in a small Ohio valley town attending The Recording Workshop. The air stunk of wet pulp and I smelled of musk. It was hot and humid. I hadn’t bathed in days. Showering would leave your skin oily. I avoided it. Welcome to Massieville.

I was standing over the toilet urinating when I heard voices scream, “fire in the hole!” along with a loud whistling, “bang!” I had left the door open and was concerned the rocket would make it’s way to me. Joe lit a bottle rocket in the trailer. The bathroom door was open and everyone went running by. Then nonstop explosions ensued. Shortly after that’s when the war began.

Logic and reason were nowhere in sight. Joe opened the screen and shot off a bottle rocket at the trailer across the road. The boys in that trailer started returning fire. Boys will be boys. The war lasted for hours. There was no safe way to get out of the trailer. It seemed both sides had an endless supply of fireworks.

Then Joe yelled, “My eye, my eye”.

One of the dangers of shooting bottle rockets from your hand is getting the sparks in your eye. A truce was negotiated and one of the guys took him to the hospital. They cleaned and patched up his wounded eye. His friend Paul drew an eye on top of the patch so Joe could still see.

Remember, we were in bum fuck valley in Ohio. There was nothing to do and nowhere to go. But plenty of drugs, alcohol, and unprotected sex. There were only 6 girls on campus, so as you can imagine, they got used up pretty quick. They were shared among the boys like a needle in a heroin den. I didn’t witness any gay sex, but I’m sure there was plenty. I was still a tiny bit green at that time, sort of like the mold in that damp valley.

Everyone in that valley looked like they were suffering from radiation sickness. If you filled up the sink with the well water it would soon be filled with life. There’s no way that water was safe to drink. The only standard required of the local girls were shoes and teeth.  

2015 Meinklang Foam White is creamy and rich. It’s a bottle of balanced goodness. It’s a bit wild. It’s got refreshing acidity and a bit like ginger beer or cider. But it’s much more interesting than many of those boring over priced popular champagnes on the market. It has warm spice sensation like biting into a freshly baked apple pie. It’s got a finish for days. It will appeal to a broad spectrum of palates. If you’re in the mood for serious or if you just want to have fun, it’s perfect. And remember, It’s delicious.

We’re only 4 weeks away from July 4th. This year I’ll be celebrating the Declaration of Independence with a bottle of Meinklang, just the way Thomas Jefferson did in 1776.

WEB: Meinklang

Foam White for Independence Day

Do you remember your first Kisi?


GRAPE: Kisi REGION: Kakheti COUNTRY: Georgia AVE PRICE: $23

The wine: doqi Kisi 2014

First comes grape, Then comes harvest, Then comes crush in a….

I can’t help myself.

When I say Kisi I can’t help but to think of my first kiss.

Do you remember yours?

I was in my friends backyard.

Probably about the age of 10. Maybe younger.

There were four of us playing on a swing set.

One of my friends asked me, “mirror mirror on the wall who’s the prettiest of them all?” I replied, “Bridgette!” Then she kissed me on the lips. Embarrassed, I ran home.

That happened. Then I spent every waking moment anxiously awaiting for my next lip encounter.

It’s true. I’m prejudice. And I’m obsessed. Obsessed with Georgian wines. I find them spiritually rewarding and intellectually stimulating. I love qvevri. Sometimes the wines are sensual and sometimes primitive.

The doqi Kisi likes air, so give it air. You’ll get apricot, orange, and tea. Some salt and oil. It’s delicious with food or by its lonesome.

Kisi is indigenous grape to Kakheti and it came close extinction by 2000 due to Soviet intervention.

WEB: Kisi Qvevri

WEB: doqi Winery

IMPORTER: @bluedanubewine


Do you remember your first Kisi?