Amfora 2008 paired with suffering


GRAPE: Listed below APP: Goriška Brda COUNTRY: Slovenia AVE PRICE: $50

@kabajwines: My cat was dead. I was in pain. The perfect partner for my sorrow, Amfora 2008. Elegant and sexy. Salty and crunchy. Perfect acid and earth. Food lovers perfect juice. Good for a fancy restaurant or drank by ground troops invading a country. Delicious with tobacco. Can be consumed anytime of the day with a broad range of activities, fucking or fighting. It’s liquid gold. A touch of heaven and a touch of hell. Whiney maggots need not apply. This is sensual muscle. @bluedanubewine 

Grapes: Rebula, Malvazija, Zeleni Sauvignon

WEB: Kabaj Wines


Amfora 2008 paired with suffering