doqi Mtsvane meets Baltimore


GRAPE: Mtsvane REGION: Kakheti COUNTRY: Georgia AVE PRICE: $20

Growing up in Baltimore City is akin to fermenting on the skins, seeds, and stems.  Step up and you’ll find that diplomacy comes wrapped in a fist. We may have a blunt edge, but our honesty and big hearts charm.

I’ve been thinking that childhood is fermentation for people. Fermentation in my neighborhood required that our mothers often filter our foul mouths with soap. I’m not joking. My friend’s mother made him wash his mouth out with soap. Unfortunately, he swallowed quite a bit too much and his mother had to take him to the hospital. I assure you this taught him nothing and his mouth was dirtier than ever afterwards.

doqi Mtsvane may have been made close 6,000 miles from my hometown, but drinking this wine I have to imagine that the people of Georgia have quite a bit in common with the people of Baltimore. They must be mentally tough and have a solid work ethic. The doqi Mtsvane Qvevri 2014 is the perfect cultural fit in Baltimore. Why? Because, this wine is diverse. It’s firm, yet has an elegant charm. It’s salty and savory. It cleanses your mouth. It’s liquid gold and transcends your local. doqi is delicious on it’s own and you could sip it while you’re working the corner or overlooking the harbor from Federal Hill. It could be consumed by in a dive bar or at a fancy dinner. Like the people of Baltimore, the juice was fermented on the skins and seeds.  

Baltimoreans get yourself a bottle and grab your local favorites; crab cakes, Lake trout, chicken box, or Polock Johnny’s sausages. But honestly, my favorite pairing is still dumping a ton of @oldbay_seasoning all over a bag of salty/oily chips. We don’t get crab chips up in here (helLA) so I got to make my own.

WEB: Blue Danube

doqi Mtsvane meets Baltimore

I love drinking from a Piala!


Drinking the 2007 @kabajwines Amfora from a Piala. I now have a new understanding of these wines. You immediately see the symbiotic relationship between the juice and clay. Glasses on occasion no matter how well cleansed have residual smells from the cleaning agent, etc. Ordering Piala’s right away. @bluedanubewine and I didn’t set my hair on fire this event @tabularasabar!


I love drinking from a Piala!

Do you remember your first Kisi?


GRAPE: Kisi REGION: Kakheti COUNTRY: Georgia AVE PRICE: $23

The wine: doqi Kisi 2014

First comes grape, Then comes harvest, Then comes crush in a….

I can’t help myself.

When I say Kisi I can’t help but to think of my first kiss.

Do you remember yours?

I was in my friends backyard.

Probably about the age of 10. Maybe younger.

There were four of us playing on a swing set.

One of my friends asked me, “mirror mirror on the wall who’s the prettiest of them all?” I replied, “Bridgette!” Then she kissed me on the lips. Embarrassed, I ran home.

That happened. Then I spent every waking moment anxiously awaiting for my next lip encounter.

It’s true. I’m prejudice. And I’m obsessed. Obsessed with Georgian wines. I find them spiritually rewarding and intellectually stimulating. I love qvevri. Sometimes the wines are sensual and sometimes primitive.

The doqi Kisi likes air, so give it air. You’ll get apricot, orange, and tea. Some salt and oil. It’s delicious with food or by its lonesome.

Kisi is indigenous grape to Kakheti and it came close extinction by 2000 due to Soviet intervention.

WEB: Kisi Qvevri

WEB: doqi Winery

IMPORTER: @bluedanubewine


Do you remember your first Kisi?

Štoka: Elegance and strength


GRAPE: Teran APP: Kras COUNTRY: Slovenia AVE PRICE: Sold Out

Pét-Nats might be all the rage, but they’re not all created equal. Some of them are soulless, bottles void of meaning and no other purpose then getting slammed, which I’m always down for. But like many wines, some are more about technique or dogma than place. Fortunately, there are some that are goddamn delicious, fun, and will have you removing your clothes before the night ends. This one is from Slovenia. Štoka Rosé Peneče 2014 (Grape: Teran) is one of those, too bad for you it’s sold out. It’s elegant with a muscular edge. The color is a beautiful shade of red. Perfect for a budget wedding or a Jersey Shore dive bar.

WEB: Štoka Winery

Štoka: Elegance and strength

Amfora 2008 paired with suffering


GRAPE: Listed below APP: Goriška Brda COUNTRY: Slovenia AVE PRICE: $50

@kabajwines: My cat was dead. I was in pain. The perfect partner for my sorrow, Amfora 2008. Elegant and sexy. Salty and crunchy. Perfect acid and earth. Food lovers perfect juice. Good for a fancy restaurant or drank by ground troops invading a country. Delicious with tobacco. Can be consumed anytime of the day with a broad range of activities, fucking or fighting. It’s liquid gold. A touch of heaven and a touch of hell. Whiney maggots need not apply. This is sensual muscle. @bluedanubewine 

Grapes: Rebula, Malvazija, Zeleni Sauvignon

WEB: Kabaj Wines


Amfora 2008 paired with suffering

Flashback: Shavnabada Street Tasting

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It's good to have friends in high places @orshi.kiss when life has got you down you better believe Georgian wines are there to save your ass. And nothing taste better then an improved wine tasting on the street and everything illegal tastes better just ask @goutlife. The 2004 Shavnabada #Mtsvane lifted my mind out of the gutter. Macerated in #Qvevri for 5 months then aged in qvevri for 11 years before bottling, it's beautiful. The 2009 Shavnabada #Saperavi is liquid earth, perfect for a bloody and very juicy piece of meat. #wine #georgianwine #shavnabadamonastery #winesofgeorgia #drivebywinetasting #BlueDanubewine #winesofinstagram #skincontact #vivino #delectableapp @bluedanubewine #losangeles

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Flashback: Shavnabada Street Tasting