WTF is Sciaglìn?


GRAPE: Sciaglìn APP: Friuli Grave COUNTRY: Italy AVE PRICE: $17

The wine: Bulfon Sciaglìn 2014

I just lost my Sciaglìn grape virginity.

And it wasn’t anything like the time I lost my sexual virginity. That time I was in a double wide trailer off of Pulaski Highway shooting a flirtatious game of pool, surrounded by broken down cars, and barking dogs.

This time I was sitting my most romantic outdoor space in Silver Lake, just a stone throw away from a lively Sunset Blvd. listening to a rush hour orchestra of noisy cars, buses, all the while breathing in a shit load of particulate matter.

Sciaglìn is totally unique and will be a winner with all sorts of food. I kept twinkling my nose hoping a plate of a flaky white fish with a side of pasta would appear. The wine is fresh with decent acidity and saltiness. A pale yellow with hint of green. It has very unique and complex aromatics, challenging my most critical olfactory. It’s herbaceous, with stone fruits and a bit of white pepper on the nose. Some green apple skin and peach on the palate. It’s f++cking delicious.

The art on the label on the bottle depicts The Last Supper, I read somewhere that the winemaker himself designed the label. I don’t think I’d regret if Sciaglìn was the wine presented at my last supper. The native grape Sciaglìn was rediscovered by Emilio Bulfon. The grape is now grown in the area of Pinzano al Tagliamento and Castelnovo del Friuli, as Regional regulation.

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WTF is Sciaglìn?