2014 LaDona’s, please last forever…


GRAPE: Muscat APP: San Diego County COUNTRY: USA PRICE: $26

Oh, 2014 LaDona’s. What can I say about you that I already haven’t said. I’ve one more bottle of you. Then I’ll be sad.

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2014 LaDona’s, please last forever…

Ode to Los Pilares, 2014 LaDona’s


GRAPE: Muscat APP: San Diego County COUNTRY: USA PRICE: $26

7 bottles minus 4 bottles equals 3?! I’m way too generous with my favorite juice 2014 Los Pilares LaDona’s Sparkling Muscat. This wine has gone from a full on fun slamming orgy party wine and now after sometime on its lees is now transformed into a library in a strip club. Brains, beauty, an orgasm on your tongue kind of experience. I’m declaring war on the remaining 2014 inventory. Fingers crossed the 2015 is even better after time in the bottle. My 3 remaining bottles will be used for a nude tasting I’m arranging, message me for details. 

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Ode to Los Pilares, 2014 LaDona’s

Flashback: 2014 Los Pilares LaDona’s, Sparkling Muscat


GRAPE: Muscat APP: San Diego County COUNTRY: USA PRICE: $25

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Sparkling Muscat from San Diego County! If this bottle was a book it would be a page turner. Once open, it’s hard to put down this bottle. I had the good fortune of meeting and speaking to @michaellospilares of Los Pilares about all things wine in San Diego County and his passion is backed up by the evidence in the bottle. I remember the moment @amyatwoodwine poured me a taste, once the glass was close to my nose it was over, and once it my mouth I felt a cool chill and goosebumps, at that moment I knew this would be one of my favorites this year. Fun and thoughtful, foot stomped whole clusters, bottle conditioned, slightly bubbly, not disgorged, so much flavor, so much heart, a wine made without fear. It’s strikes a chord of perfect harmony & dissonance.

Update: I opened another bottle of the 2014 LaDona’s on 6/5/2016, and I assure you it is alive and kicking hard. It’s better than ever and I only hope there are a few bottles left.

Flashback: 2014 Los Pilares LaDona’s, Sparkling Muscat