Do you remember your first Kisi?


GRAPE: Kisi REGION: Kakheti COUNTRY: Georgia AVE PRICE: $23

The wine: doqi Kisi 2014

First comes grape, Then comes harvest, Then comes crush in a….

I can’t help myself.

When I say Kisi I can’t help but to think of my first kiss.

Do you remember yours?

I was in my friends backyard.

Probably about the age of 10. Maybe younger.

There were four of us playing on a swing set.

One of my friends asked me, “mirror mirror on the wall who’s the prettiest of them all?” I replied, “Bridgette!” Then she kissed me on the lips. Embarrassed, I ran home.

That happened. Then I spent every waking moment anxiously awaiting for my next lip encounter.

It’s true. I’m prejudice. And I’m obsessed. Obsessed with Georgian wines. I find them spiritually rewarding and intellectually stimulating. I love qvevri. Sometimes the wines are sensual and sometimes primitive.

The doqi Kisi likes air, so give it air. You’ll get apricot, orange, and tea. Some salt and oil. It’s delicious with food or by its lonesome.

Kisi is indigenous grape to Kakheti and it came close extinction by 2000 due to Soviet intervention.

WEB: Kisi Qvevri

WEB: doqi Winery

IMPORTER: @bluedanubewine


Do you remember your first Kisi?

Seductive Frizzante


GRAPE: Spergola APP: Emilia Romagna COUNTRY: Italy AVE PRICE: $22

Occasionally we all take it up the ass.

Sometimes for pleasure.

Sometimes for pain.

Fortunately for us hedonist we have seductive frizzante like Cà de Noci’s Querciole to suck on.

A slight bit of ginger and some breadiness.

3 days skin contact.

Secondary fermentation in bottle.

WEB: Cà de Noci

Seductive Frizzante

2015 albariño “al basc” La Clarine Farm


GRAPE: Albariño APP: Sierra Foothills COUNTRY: USA AVE PRICE: N/A

Dear Albariño “al basc” 2015 Sierra Foothills White Wine,

I can’t get you off my mind. You’re a bottle of sunshine. You have 7 months skin contact. You’re an unfined and unfiltered beauty. You’re a mouthful of definable and undefinable flavors. You’re delicious and addictive. And if I heard Hank correctly, there are only 20 cases of you. And you’ll only be available to those on the mailing lists. If I could, I’d keep you all to myself. I know I’m selfish, but I just can’t help it. I’m fortunate to have tasted you and lucky to have 1 bottle of you. I’m saving you for a sad and rainy day, the sad will most likely come before the rain. Until then, take care.



WEB: La Clarine Farm

2015 albariño “al basc” La Clarine Farm

A little wet dog.


GRAPE: Malvasia/Ortugo/Marsanne APP: Emilia-Romagna COUNTRY: IT AVE PRICE: $20

2013 Denavolo ‘Dinavolino’ Bianco Vino da Tavola

Had another go with this slut. She won’t fail you. She’s a bit unkempt and uncouth but that’s what one really needs sometimes, isn’t it?

If you want to avoid the wet dog, some air and patience are required. In due time you won’t be able to separate this wine from your lips, sapidity for days.

A little wet dog.

2013 Vinos Ambiz Airén


GRAPE: Airen APP: Madrid COUNTRY: Spain AVE PRICE: $19

Skin contact white wines: for when you can’t get the real thing.

No negotiations.

No arguments.

No complaining.

No ambitions.

No ideas.

No disease.

Open. Pour. Enjoy.

Vino Ambiz ‘Airen’ is a living wine, a wine that has a pulse you can feel in your mouth.


2013 Vinos Ambiz Airén