Mmmmmm —> Albariño


GRAPE: Albariño REGION: Rías Baixas COUNTRY: Spain AVE PRICE: $45+

I’ve been listening to N.W.A. non-stop for the last 48 hours. Every word out of my mouth is foul. It’s bringing out the Baltimore City in me. I shouldn’t blame the music. I’m like this all the time. Just don’t step up in my face today or I’ll be forced to show you what it’s like. I hadn’t had this wine in a few years. Albariño Cepas Vellas 2015. I’ve missed it. 200 year old vines. Sub-zone: #Salnès Aged on the lees for 11 months. The vineyard is planted on a hillside. It’s sandy/granite. Pretty fucking close to the Ocean. It delicious. Probably be perfect with your oysters.

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Mmmmmm —> Albariño

The Daredevil & 2013 Vinos Ambiz


GRAPE: Garnacha APP: Sierra de Gredos COUNTRY: Spain AVE PRICE: $21.99

As a kid, I thought I was Evel Knievil, minus the bravery or stupidity depending on your point of view. On one glorious grey Baltimore morning my mother took me down to Bel-Garden Bi-Rite and graciously allowed me to ride on the front of the grocery cart. I thought I was so clever, maneuvering my way around the cart with my feet on the ovular chassis, side to side, turning around and around without touching the ground. Of course that came to an abrupt end as I turned around and my hands slipped from the cart. I fell face flat to the floor. I felt the pain go from my front tooth to the back of my head.

My mother helped me from the ground. I don’t remember what she said, but I suppose seeing your child’s front tooth sticking straight out of your mouth hanging from a little thread of flesh to gum might be a bit of a shock. She called the dentist from a landline phone, yes kids, they used to exist. We headed to the dentist where they made a very good effort to put the tooth back into place. They were partially successful. I still have this tooth but if you take a look you can see it’s clearly out of place and to this day a bit more sensitive both from a social point of view and a physical one. A cold drink or blowing into an woodwind occasionally sends an electrical sting through my head.

One would hope a child would learn a positive lesson from an experience like this. I learned the following, don’t do stupid shit and you might not get fucked up. Or don’t do stupid shit and miss out on a whole lot of fun. So, till this day I adorn a front tooth that sticks out like a Chiclets or the front teeth of bugs bunny. No stunts or daredevil moves these days. Working out at the gym and day drinking might be the most dangerous physical risk I endeavor.

My most daring move this afternoon was a delightful slice of leftover skirt steak and finishing a bottle of wine. This is my first Vino Ambiz red. I fell in love with Fabio’s Airen and Malvar the moment I they hit my mouth, so when I saw the Garnacha I was all over it. His wines are the way I like them. Free of additives and manipulation. Native yeasts. Beautifully hazy, why? Cause it’s unfined and unfiltered. Fabio describes his philosophy here. His wines are full of flavors that take you off the typical spectrum. This Garnacha is delicious and chewy. I could feel the heat the of the alcohol 14% a bit more today than last night, of course maybe it doesn’t help that it’s 98 degrees outside. It’s aromatic, easy to drink, and food friendly. 

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The Daredevil & 2013 Vinos Ambiz

2014 Trepat del Jordiet


GRAPE: Trepat APP: Conca de Barberà COUNTRY: Spain AVE PRICE: $25

2014 Rende Masdeu del Jordie from a little spec of not so well known wine region in north-eastern Spain, Conca de Barberà. Fortunately for them I’m getting ready to put them on the map. Ok, look I’m not a complete asshole, well, maybe on occasion I fill the role quite well. This wine bottle has a very attractive label and sexy shape. It indeed caught my eye. When I inquired at my local shop it seems that no one had actually tasted the wine or even seemed a bit familiar with the grape Trepat. I decided to jump in blind which I do often, but it’s a steep dive at $25 without a word from a trusting guide. And for the life of me I still can’t recall if I’ve had a Trepat prior to this. I still can’t. And I’m hoping this isn’t the best it offers. Sometimes, when I don’t like a wine I feel guilty, as if it’s my fault. I’m a sucker for juice that has spent time clay amphorae. But this one fell short of expectations. For a moment it reminded me  bit of a Pelaverga but minus all the goodness. The Trepat was fresh and a bit spicy, but just over all boring. When you start looking around the room wondering why am I drinking this? You know it ain’t for you.

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2014 Trepat del Jordiet