Patricius Winery, Tokaji


“The first thing I did when my daughter was born, I dipped my finger into Tokaj and placed a drop on Aszú on her tongue so she would know where she came from.” -Peter Molnár, Patricius Tokaj Estate Manager and Winemaker.

.Last month I had an amazing dinner with the best of company at Song @ntmrkt with @orshi.kiss @edanch @bluedanubewine along with Peter Molnár from @patriciustokaj. 

We tasted the following 5 wines from Patricius Winery, Hungary:

2016 Furmint Teleki Dűlő

2015 Yellow Dry Muscat

2015 Katinka (Noble Late Harvest)

2006 Patricius Tokaji Aszú 6 Puttonyos (150 g/L + for a 6p Aszú)

2013 Patricius Tokaji Aszú 5 Puttonyos (120 g/L + for a 5p Aszú)

Note: The Puttonyos system has been abolished but was the unit given to denote the level of sugar. (

Each of Patricius wines were unique and delicious. However, the Katinka and Aszú offer a very special experience. I don’t want to sound corny and I don’t typically purport to be spiritual. For whatever reasons even just a tiny sip of Tokaji invigorates me. It’s the cure for both emotional and physical ails. These are spiritual wines and it’s important for all of us to have Tokaji on hand, for healing as well as pleasure.

In addition, the spicy food at Song paired with the sweetness in the Katinka and Aszú was the most harmonious wine/food pairing I’ve experienced. These wines are perfect with spicy thai food. I wish these wines were on all wine lists.

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Patricius Winery, Tokaji