Balla Géza Winery, Romania


As the Sun went down in the city, I was lucky enough to taste of the most delicious and totally unique wines from Romania. Yes, from Balla Géza Winery @ballageza16 in Romania. One white, one red. And no, vampires don’t jump out of the bottles! Thanks to this lady @orshi.kiss you’ll be drinking them soon as well. They’re both delicious, fun, and affordable. I’m hoping they land on your by the glass list and I’ll be right over to drink.

The white: 2016 Mustoasă de Măderat & The Red: 2015 Fetească Neagră

Web: Blue Danube Wine

Balla Géza Winery, Romania

White Bordeaux


Rethinking White Bordeaux.

Audience: [moans & grunts]

Release your prejudice. I did. Not until after the tasting, of course.

It had been quite awhile since a white Bordeaux touched my lips. Probably a few years ago in a WSET class. Before that it was in Brooklyn. About 6+ years ago I was at a show at Barbès. I wanted something cold. White Bordeaux the chalkboard read. I placed my order and slammed it. It was insignificant, but cold. It filled my need at the time. But who even knows where to find one?

I think white Bordeaux might be a refreshing by the glass replacement for all the cheap New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc’s that seem to dominate those tiny wine lists in the venues where many of us refuse to drink wine. You know the places. For instance, your local dive bar or your favorite music venue.

I had a preferred the selections where Sémillon was 30-50% of the blend.


2010 Château Marsalette – 50/50 Sauvignon Blanc/Sémillon – Pessac-Léognan (Jeffery M. Davies Selection)

2014 Château Respide-Médeville Graves Blanc Sec50/48/2 Sauvignon Blanc/Sémillon/Muscadelle (Martine’s Wines)

2014 La Croix de Carbonnieux Blanc – 65/35 Sauvignon Blanc/Sémillon – Pessac-Léognan (Duclot La Vinicole)

Thank you @anthonycailan for the invite.

White Bordeaux

Mmmmmm —> Albariño


GRAPE: Albariño REGION: Rías Baixas COUNTRY: Spain AVE PRICE: $45+

I’ve been listening to N.W.A. non-stop for the last 48 hours. Every word out of my mouth is foul. It’s bringing out the Baltimore City in me. I shouldn’t blame the music. I’m like this all the time. Just don’t step up in my face today or I’ll be forced to show you what it’s like. I hadn’t had this wine in a few years. Albariño Cepas Vellas 2015. I’ve missed it. 200 year old vines. Sub-zone: #Salnès Aged on the lees for 11 months. The vineyard is planted on a hillside. It’s sandy/granite. Pretty fucking close to the Ocean. It delicious. Probably be perfect with your oysters.

WEB: DMSelections

Mmmmmm —> Albariño

Viticcio Wine Dinner at SottoLA


Last night’s dinner @sottola reminded what wine and food is really about.

It’s about sharing.

It’s about friends and family.

It’s that warm feeling you get around your loved ones.

Wine shouldn’t be about trends or an ideology.

Wine should have a heart and a soul.

Wine should help us cut through all the troubling moments and bring us all back to what’s most important in life, love.

For me the most special part about wine is sense memory. Tasting Viticcio’s wines last night, I was taken back my Aunt’s restaurant in Little Italy, Baltimore. Walking through the door you received a warm embrace and you knew you were in her home, not a business. She had heart and the place had soul. The combination of Viticcio’s delicious wines and spectacular company last night transported to many memories of dinner at Sergi’s Ice House.

Viticcio Wines offer tradition and with a touch of modernity. The wines are spectacular with food and laughter.

It was a pleasure to spend the evening with these lovely people, thanks you! @dobianchi @viticciowinery @sottola @raffasquer @alona_gavryliuk @granfondowine @samson8800 @dwfredman  @wellcomalba @francetti_minesco @enoicala @foodiamo_official

WEB: Viticcio Winery

Photos below by: @francetti_minescow2


Viticcio Wine Dinner at SottoLA

Channing Daughters Wine Dinner


Oh what a night! One of my favorite domestic winemakers Christopher Tracy from Channing Daughters Winery, Long Island. Great night hanging with fun people @jarebearsomm (pouring) & the greatest wine salesman on earth Casey @kingfishnv of @springboardwine at the lovely @faithandflower #dtla. The Chefs along with Jared hit a grand slam with the most delicious pairings. Elk meatballs rule. Holy f***!

WEB: Channing Daughters Winery

Channing Daughters Wine Dinner

Yum yum, you scum.


GRAPE: Petit Manseng APP: Sierra Foothills COUNTRY: USA AVE PRICE: $25

This is the first bottle of wine I’ve consumed that I was involved in the bottling of the juice. Bottling is factory work and you need to be careful not to zone out, otherwise you’ll fuck something up or lose a finger. But if I’m going to risk losing a finger it better be for something as good as the 2015 La Clarine Farm, petit manseng.

WEB: La Clarine Farm



Yum yum, you scum.

2015 albariño “al basc” La Clarine Farm


GRAPE: Albariño APP: Sierra Foothills COUNTRY: USA AVE PRICE: N/A

Dear Albariño “al basc” 2015 Sierra Foothills White Wine,

I can’t get you off my mind. You’re a bottle of sunshine. You have 7 months skin contact. You’re an unfined and unfiltered beauty. You’re a mouthful of definable and undefinable flavors. You’re delicious and addictive. And if I heard Hank correctly, there are only 20 cases of you. And you’ll only be available to those on the mailing lists. If I could, I’d keep you all to myself. I know I’m selfish, but I just can’t help it. I’m fortunate to have tasted you and lucky to have 1 bottle of you. I’m saving you for a sad and rainy day, the sad will most likely come before the rain. Until then, take care.



WEB: La Clarine Farm

2015 albariño “al basc” La Clarine Farm