Patricius Winery, Tokaji


“The first thing I did when my daughter was born, I dipped my finger into Tokaj and placed a drop on Aszú on her tongue so she would know where she came from.” -Peter Molnár, Patricius Tokaj Estate Manager and Winemaker.

.Last month I had an amazing dinner with the best of company at Song @ntmrkt with @orshi.kiss @edanch @bluedanubewine along with Peter Molnár from @patriciustokaj. 

We tasted the following 5 wines from Patricius Winery, Hungary:

2016 Furmint Teleki Dűlő

2015 Yellow Dry Muscat

2015 Katinka (Noble Late Harvest)

2006 Patricius Tokaji Aszú 6 Puttonyos (150 g/L + for a 6p Aszú)

2013 Patricius Tokaji Aszú 5 Puttonyos (120 g/L + for a 5p Aszú)

Note: The Puttonyos system has been abolished but was the unit given to denote the level of sugar. (

Each of Patricius wines were unique and delicious. However, the Katinka and Aszú offer a very special experience. I don’t want to sound corny and I don’t typically purport to be spiritual. For whatever reasons even just a tiny sip of Tokaji invigorates me. It’s the cure for both emotional and physical ails. These are spiritual wines and it’s important for all of us to have Tokaji on hand, for healing as well as pleasure.

In addition, the spicy food at Song paired with the sweetness in the Katinka and Aszú was the most harmonious wine/food pairing I’ve experienced. These wines are perfect with spicy thai food. I wish these wines were on all wine lists.

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Patricius Winery, Tokaji

2012 Cantina Giardino – Drogone


GRAPE: Aglianico REGION: Campagnia COUNTRY: Italy AVE PRICE: $29

Before spending the evening with Drogone. I had a previous late night encounter with Cantina Giardino’s 2006 Nude. The Nude is confident and seductive. Deep purple in color and fragrant. It’s a bit slutty, yet pure. The Nude is President, which makes the 2012 Drogone the Secretary of Defense. Like the Nude, Drogone gives you depth, confidence, and provides palate security. This wine has a solid well defined lines. There is layer upon layer of flavor. Musky and a bit herbal. Some black fruit and charcoal. The vines are old as chaos. Grown on volcanic soils. And aged 4 years in chestnut barrels.

My favorite meal. This Aglinico’s acidic, tannic, and muscular structure calls for a bloody, well salted grilled piece of meat. Burn the meat. The saltiness and bitterness of the charred flesh combined with the bloody interior followed by a sip of Drogone with it’s slightly bitter finish is nothing short of ecstasy.

I love all the wines I’ve had from Cantina Giardino. Their wines feel pure. Well cared for from inception to graduation. They must be receiving a gentle and intelligent guidance to be so perfect.

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2012 Cantina Giardino – Drogone

San Diego County Home Vineyard Blend



Unlabeled bottles of wine are quite attractive, feel a bit dangerous, and taste better. That isn’t scientific, it’s just the way I feel. This bottle was the home vineyard project from the makers of Los Pilares @michaellospilares & @villamarta77 The grapes in this pretty juice were Grenache, Mourvèdre, Counoise, & Syrah. I had forgotten about this bottle. It had been sitting in a cool dark closet and it help up quite nicely. The juice was under a crown cap that wasn’t really on the bottle properly. But for whatever reasons held up wonderfully. Michael & Koleman have embarked on a great project planting a high elevation vineyard in the San Diego mountains. I’m excited about it and hope I’m around in the future to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Thank you both for sharing this lovely bottle of juice.

WEB: Los Pilares

San Diego County Home Vineyard Blend



GRAPE: Syrah REGION: Saint-Joseph COUNTRY: France AVE PRICE: $30

I was jonesing for a red yesterday after a long streak of mainly white, orange, and sparkling. It cooled down quite a bit last night making this a perfect re-introduction to reds. The Faury smells and taste of a beautiful spicy orgy of pepper, meats, and herbs. Considering how it’s dark and heavy in the glass but hits your mouth quite light. And all you tannin sissies can relax, they’re fine and will treat your mouth gently. It’s delicious. It has definitely put syrah back on my radar.

WEB: Domaine Faury


I love drinking from a Piala!


Drinking the 2007 @kabajwines Amfora from a Piala. I now have a new understanding of these wines. You immediately see the symbiotic relationship between the juice and clay. Glasses on occasion no matter how well cleansed have residual smells from the cleaning agent, etc. Ordering Piala’s right away. @bluedanubewine and I didn’t set my hair on fire this event @tabularasabar!


I love drinking from a Piala!

2015 Maurer Kadarka 1880


GRAPE: Kadarka APP: Sremska COUNTRY: Serbia AVE PRICE: $39.95

The wine: 2015 Maurer Kadarka 1880

This is another zingy, bright, delicious, and fun slamming juice. Strong acid, soft tannins, cloudy and a pale reddish/brown in color. All natural yeast, fermented in open vats, aged in old ass casks for 12 months. It’s bottled unfiltered with no additional sulfites. Trust me, chill it ever so slightly, give it some air, and tell me the bottle isn’t half empty in 20 minutes. You trendy natty wine fans are gonna love this. And if you tell me you don’t, I call bullshit. It taste most similar to a handful other delicious natural wines I love from both California and even Italy. So similar in fact, if I had been handed this blind I would have guessed it was one of my favorites from California. No point in naming names. But how is it that a wine from the other side of the world taste so similar to a wine from California? I’m not a winemaker or a scientist, but I am curious and I’m someone who loves wine. So you tell me.

Again, while I find this wine absolutely delicious and fun to drink, it does bring pleasure to the palate and soul. But in no way finding it unique, but it does offer the comfort of familiarity.

Some facts: The grape Kadarka came close to extinction under dirty communist rule. The vines in this vineyard were planted in 1880, and is the oldest known Kadarka vineyard in the world. It’s located in Serbia just across the border from Hungary.

VIDEO: Listen to Oszkár Maurer’s natural winemaking philosophy

WEB: Maurer

2015 Maurer Kadarka 1880

2015 al basc, La Clarine Farm


GRAPE: Albariño  APP: Sierra Foothills COUNTRY: USA AVE PRICE: $28

I knew I’d feel so sad when the bottle ran empty and I do. 2015 “al basic” Albariño @laclarinefarm Thats right, 7 months skin contact, unfined & unfiltered. A beautifully colored wine and flavors that are beyond descriptions. And the next vintage of this might just taste a bit like my feet, since after all I spent 3 days on the farm doing punchdowns ankle deep in fermentation. 

WEB: La Clarine Farm

2015 al basc, La Clarine Farm

Yum yum, you scum.


GRAPE: Petit Manseng APP: Sierra Foothills COUNTRY: USA AVE PRICE: $25

This is the first bottle of wine I’ve consumed that I was involved in the bottling of the juice. Bottling is factory work and you need to be careful not to zone out, otherwise you’ll fuck something up or lose a finger. But if I’m going to risk losing a finger it better be for something as good as the 2015 La Clarine Farm, petit manseng.

WEB: La Clarine Farm



Yum yum, you scum.

Seductive Frizzante


GRAPE: Spergola APP: Emilia Romagna COUNTRY: Italy AVE PRICE: $22

Occasionally we all take it up the ass.

Sometimes for pleasure.

Sometimes for pain.

Fortunately for us hedonist we have seductive frizzante like Cà de Noci’s Querciole to suck on.

A slight bit of ginger and some breadiness.

3 days skin contact.

Secondary fermentation in bottle.

WEB: Cà de Noci

Seductive Frizzante